Established in 2013, we began brewing in what was once an eight bay garage at the end of Old Town Temecula near Temecula Valley wine country. The brewpub was aptly named Garage Brewing Co, not only due to its previous life, but to show an appreciation to where the craft beer industry originated — in a garage of brewers.
At Garage Brewing Co, we are dedicated to our craft. From the beginning, we set out on a mission: To provide top-quality craft beer that tastes fantastic and appeals to a broad spectrum of beer lovers. Years later and we are continuing to strive to be the best we can. As a company that values inclusivity, we want to provide the world with a product that brings people together. From beer connoisseurs to the avid drinker to the rookie, we want our beer to act as a medium to spread joy and positivity. Whether you're enjoying its delicious taste, getting you out of your shell and engaging in conversations, or making new friends, we want you to know that you're doing so while drinking the freshest craft beer around. We are dedicated to our craft so that you can excel in yours. 

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