Fountain is made with a gluten-free fermented alcohol base, a touch of premium all-natural flavors, and real New York City water. With only 100 calories, natural ingredients, and 5% ABV, Fountain Hard Seltzer comes in 7 fresh fruit flavors: Tart Cherry, Watermelon, Mango, Pineapple, Lime, Blueberry, and Passionfruit. All of our products are produced, canned, and labeled in our own New York City brewery. Because why outsource the process when we have an all-star brew team and the ability to do it ourselves? Our goal is to produce the highest quality hard seltzers infused with pure natural flavors. They’re so good, it’s not even fair to call them water. Most importantly, Fountain sparks joy. We’re dedicated to bringing craft quality and process to hard seltzer. Together with our head brewer Richie and the rest of our team, we dedicate ourselves daily to creating the kinds of drinks we ourselves want to drink: clear, crisp, natural, and simply delicious.

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