De La Calle’s Tepache is a modern take on a delicious probiotic beverage that hails from the traditions of pre-Hispanic Mexico. We use organic ingredients, authentic Mexican recipes, and time to craft our Tepache that is perfect to sip alone or paired with tequila to make a flavorful craft cocktail. Our five flavor profiles offer a unique, light and refreshing beverage that has many health benefits while satisfying the most particular taste buds. De La Calle’s Tepeche transports you to the streets of Mexico with authentic flavors and nostalgic recipes. We use fresh, organic pineapples as the base to our Tepache, then add other regionally sourced ingredients such as Turbinado sugar and Tamarind. De la Calle's Co-Founder & Chief of Fermentation is a Mexico City-born Tepache maker who refines our technique and recipes to perfection. De La Calle's Tepache is certified organic, fermented, probiotic, good for the gut, less than 40 calories, low in sugar, and rich in vitamins C & D.

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