The idea is simple, we believe a hard seltzer should be craft made with all-natural, organic ingredients and alkaline water for outstanding taste and purity. This concept has led us to create Ashland Hard Seltzer. At 99 calories per 12 fluid ounces and 5% alcohol, Ashland is organic with no sugar, no fat, zero carbs, malt and gluten-free. Our natural flavors include Blackberry Lemonade, Pineapple, Tangerine, and Lime are craft brewed with alkaline water which supports in neutralizing excessive acidity and toxins in our bodies while also being ultra-hydrating. Organic ingredients brewed with this unique water chemistry is our distinct recipe for an incredible tasting hard seltzer. Simple, organic ingredients craft brewed for great taste and guilt-free good times. This is what Ashland is all about. Cheers!

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